Racingline Sportfahrwerks KIT – VW Golf 6R

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Neues Racingline Sportfahrwerks KIT für VW Golf 6R.


Many experts consider suspension development to be as much an art as a science. In truth, it’s a bit of both.

When it comes to a matched set of Performance Sport Dampers and Sport Springs at an affordable price, this kit solves compromise between performance and comfort for keen drivers for Golf 7, A3 8V and other VWG cars on the MQB platform.

This kit combines the RacingLine Sport Damper kit with our carefully matched Sport Spring kit – combining two front and two rear Tri-Valve dampers with a set of 4 Sport Springs specific to your car type.

The kit will lower your car by around 15-25mm dependant on model, and provide a taught, controlled ride and handling balance.

Extensive development from our vast race set-up experience on the MQB platform ensures superior road-holding and a positive transformation in handling characteristics, all achieved without compromising comfort.

Ride quality is just how a good hot-hatch should be. A little stiffer than factory, sure, but never crash or uncomfortable.

All of which guarantees greater stability, control – and therefore driving pleasure. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


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